Lobaplatin for Injection(10mg)/(50mg)

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Hainan Changan International Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

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       Lobaplatin is the third generation of platinum antineoplastic drugs, originally  researched by the German ASTA company. In 2003, Hainan Chang 'an International Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.  successfully transforms intellectual property rights of Lobaplatin to China, approved for marketing in China in 2005. Lobaplatin  has alkylation and it is a generalized alkylating agent. It has definite cytotoxicity for a variety of animal and human tumor cell lines, and its pharmacological effects are similar to those of cis-platinum. Clinically, Lobaplatin for Injection mainly used in the treatment of breast cancer, small cell lung cancer and chronic myeloid leukemia.

The clinical administration features of Lobaplatin for Injection are as bellows:

1, Lactic acid platinum, water solubility, good stability;

2, Anticancer spectrum similar to cis-platinum, anticancer activity quiet similar to cis-platinum and more stronger than carboplatin, and no cross-resistance with other platinum drugs;

3, No obvious nephrotoxicity, ototoxicity and neural toxicity, and gastrointestinal tract toxicity is lighter;

4, Rapid clearance through the kidney, not easily be accumulated in the body, short duration of effect and less toxic side effects.

       Lobaplatin is featured by  its chemical structure, physical and chemical properties and pharmacokinetics, etc.,  and thus bears the advantage of "high efficiency, low toxicity and no cross-resistance". Those advantages are gradually validated and revealed in clinical practice.

       Further research and development of the treatment in refractory ovarian cancer, malignant coelomic effusion chemotherapy, advanced esophageal cancer, HCC with TACE(Transhepatic Arterial Chem Otherapy and Embolization), etc.,  are urgently needed for clinical treatment, and they are also have important social and economic value.

Development process:

       Innovative original research of Germany ASTA Medica;

       Hainan Changan International Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. successfully transforms the intellectual property rights of Lobaplatin to China in September 2003, obtained the exclusive patent : "Naropa platinum trihydrate and  its preparation and application".(ZL94106670.3);

       Approved the specification of 50mg by SFDA in  September 2005 to put into the market(H20050308);

       "Research and Development of Lobaplatin" awarded the project fund of the eleventh five-year plan and 863 plan in April 2007(Project number: 2006AA020608);

       Approved the specification of 10mg by SFDA in  March 2008 to put into the market. (H20050308);

Selected as national health care products in November 2009;

       "Secondary Research and Development of Lobaplatin as a Class I Antineoplastic New Drug" obtained special project fund for science and technology major projects in Guizhou province in July 2011. [Project number: Guizhou branch and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) word (2011)5068]

       "Phase IV Clinical Trial of Lobaplatin as a Class I Antineoplastic New Drug" obtained a special project funding for essential innovative drug in  science and technology in the state 12th five-year plan in September 2012(Project number: 2013ZX09014-001).

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